I made some videos last year. I did not post them on so here are my personal favorites of 2020. I plan to regularly post them here going forward, and not just my Twitter & Instagram, because why not?!

Void Rot is a phenomenal death doom band from Minneapolis, and they released one of my favorite albums of the year. I had to pay tribute. Listen and experience Descending Pillars here.

Celebrating my consistent af brews, this is my coffee pourover hype video set to Eternal Champion‘s “I Am The Hammer

Created in March, my isolation meltdown consisted of Tim Allen grunts over Live’s “Lakini’s Juice”

The first of my fanboy vids set to Temple Of Void‘s “Self-Schism” from their 2020 monster The World That Was

My friends and I usually get together and throw on records but haven’t been able to since Covid. I got my ideal home audio setup and wanted them to see it. Temple Of Void also makes a cameo.