Welcome to the Butthole Album Art Awards! (BHAAAs)

Here are the 50 albums that best make up the hole of 2021! Click on the artwork for Bandcamp link.

This #1 BH be moving if you stare long enough. Congrats to SAMUEL MARTINS COELHO on the top prize!

Ride the snake with the centipede BH from SULPHUROUS

CREEPING DEATH and their tornado alley angel hair BH

VOLA‘s BH absolutely stalks

MANNVEIRA and the BH sirens

FERRITERIUM: Look at the BH you’ve become!

We can all feel the Atlas BH from KANKAR

INOCULATION and their Space Spider BH

VERHäANGNIS offers a very unique colon POV BH

FORHIST offers an arborist ouroboros BH or foxtail BH: a real viewers’ choice!

Congrats to VOIDSPHERE on their third consecutive BHAAA appearance!

CRYPTUM and their swampy sewer BH

AEROSOL JESUS breaking it down with the Venn diagram BH

Whoaaaaa heaven let your light shine down!

PERIHELION GNOSIS giving us the pentagram BH howdoyoudo

FECULENT: gnarly ass dm EP complete with a mygodwoujalookatthat BH

CULT OF PARTHENOPE serving up an anatomy soup BH

“BH In The Sky As I Pour Sand On Some Guy” by ZAQQOEM

SWELLING REPULSION: When the band name sells the BH alone. Don’t let the sliced worms take your eyes away from the target.

There’s one crescent BH every year and EASTERN HIGH‘s got you

Upside down you’re turning me
You’re giving love instinctively
Around and round you’re turning me
I say to BH respectfully


There’s also a Kaleido BH every year, thanks GIZMACHI!

GATECREEPER hoisting a nugget BH cave greeting

NECRECTOMY and a trve BH hobbit-hole

My plasma globe BH brings all the frogs to the yard

BLACK SHEEP WALL sportin’ a Pan’s Labyrinth BH

THE BEAST OF NOD: Now who’s attacking whom here?

ÆTHERIA CONSCIENTIA ponderin’ their BH orb

WREKAN (in very Mrs. Doubtfire voice): helloooooooooooo

VOKONIS has an absolute unit of a crest BH

Diffraction BH by LORD OF THE ISLES

MAINLINER is the name and hypnosis fingerprint BHs are their game


As advertised! (STUCK)

PALUS SOMNI invites you to gather ’round the merry BH

DESTINITY has spirograph BHs for days

THRICE still at it with this vibrant BH

Hey FUNERAL NOISE, leave the poor hooded soul alone ffs

Death, taxes, and Everlasting Spew releasing a BH album (BENOTHING)

CEPHEIDE suffering an absolute monster migraine BH

The band’s name is HADIT okay?

Watch it with your MORGUL BLADE will ya?

FRACTAL GENERATOR are purveyors of the BH artwork since 2008

LACERATION dishin’ out a BH earthquake

DEPRAVITY: May cause extreme inflammation

MESARTHIM latching on with a tractor beam BH

Hey MANUEL BARBARÁ, this moon has gone too far

Slip slidin’ away
Slip slidin’ away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you’re slip slidin’ away


ORDINUL NEGRU presents A Handsmaid’s BH (I don’t even know anymore)

“Expressway To Yr BH” by NECROCHAOS

This is not on the list, but rather a PSA to THE VOIDS EMBRACE. You are not eligible for the BHAAAs if it’s an actual BH. Also just need this out there so I don’t get an excited DM about “what I missed”.

Thanks for visiting! Happy 2022!


Here are the albums that moved me most in 2021! Click on the artwork to listen on Bandcamp!

#10 Phrenelith Chimaera (Nuclear Winter)

#9 Cadaveric FumesEchoing Chambers Of Soul (Blood Harvest)

#8 Wode Burn In Many Mirrors (20 Buck Spin)

#7 Vukari Omnes Nihil (self)

#6 Slimelord Moss Contamination (Sewer Rot)

#5 Wharflurch Psychedelic Realms ov Hell (Gurgling Gore)

#4 Gosudar Morbid Despotic Ritual (Rotted Life)

#3 Decrepisy Emetic Communion (Chaos)

#2 Worm Foreverglade (20 Buck Spin)

#1 STEEL BEARING HANDSlay In Hell (Carbonized)


Last night we held our annual listening party, affectionately called METAL MASS (seventh annual!). We reveal our favorite albums, and then our coding-proficient friend runs the script, calculating votes with weight, to determine the consensus #1. Ferriterium took that prize this year!


Cheers friends!


Today is “Spotify Wrapped” day, and I thought I would take it as an opportunity to proclaim Kylie Minogue & Jessie Ware’s “Kiss Of Life” as my favorite song of 2021. It was only released about a month ago, but it is an absolute disco pop masterpiece. Please enjoy my dance video but also be sure to watch their campy official music video!


Black & White Coffee Roasters, Wake Forest NC
Ethiopia Worka Chelbesa – CM Washed (white flowers, lemon, cherry, peach, black tea)
This is currently my favorite at-home pourover coffee. I’ve ordered this bag several times over, it’s truly SO GOOD. Also B&W never disappoints! They make exciting coffee, always offering new roasts to try! Oh and their shipping is quick. I can’t recommend them enough.

Music: Breakbot – “Translight” (2020)


We’re nearing the midpoint of 2021, and I had to pay homage to my absolute favorite album so far, STEEL BEARING HAND‘s Slay In Hell. It’s forty minutes of blackened thrash death fun, and every song has a CHANGE at the “golden ratio” point that gets me riled every listen.

Their hocus-pocus song arrangements are especially prevalent on “‘Til Death & Beyond” where this incredible breakdown emerges from nowhere and leads to a full-on butt dance for 2 minutes. I captured 45 seconds of it above.

Listen for yourself! (Bandcamp)

Inspiration: Steel Bearing Hand, Lil Nas X “Montero” (a capella video), Andrew WK, summertime, and the Power Of The Peach™