Here are the albums that moved me the most in 2022!

#10) Writhing Of Earth & Flesh (Everlasting Spew) Bandcamp

#9) Final Eclipse Interminable Darkness (self) Bandcamp

#8) Desecresy Unveil In The Abyss (Xtreem Music) Bandcamp

#7) Gutvoid Durance of Lightless Horizons (Blood Harvest) Bandcamp

#6) Phobophilic Enveloping Absurdity (Prosthetic) Bandcamp

#5) Vacuous Dreams of Dysphoria (Me Saca Un Ojo) Bandcamp

#4) Ancient Death Sacred Vessel (Necroharmonic) Bandcamp

#3) Scalding Exordium (wilt-shine) Bandcamp

#2) Doldrum The Knocking, Or The Story of the Sound that Preceded Their Disappearance (Katafalque) Bandcamp

#1) ULTHA All That Has Never Been True (Vendetta) Bandcamp


Cheers friends! Happy 2023!

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